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Pike Street Market Veggies
August 31
Pike Street Market moves constantly. People fill the walkways and your eyes are taking in colors from flowers, vegetables and seafood. Workers toss the fish to each other filling orders. We bought Rainier cherries which were heaven. I wish it was closer.

Pike Street Market Veggies

I wish I had more of those cherries now.

Jason on Tuesday · August 31 2004

The great thing about the central valley is we have these all over! aahhh I love produce :)

Kristin on Tuesday · August 31 2004

Where is this market? Looks lovely!

alexis on Thursday · September 02 2004

It is in Seattle, Alexis. It is pretty fun to walk through and see all the fresh produce, seafood and flowers. The flowers were amazing. Huge bouquets for $10-$15. I would have bought some if I were closer to home.

stacy on Thursday · September 02 2004
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