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View of the Columbia River
August 18
My husband treats me well. As of today, I can post larger pictures. Horizontal or vertical, it doesn't matter. Thank you, Jason, for your website talents that enable my site to look so good!

View of the Columbia River

In less modern places and times, men must kill wild beasts for food, dig wells for water, and sacrifice goats to please women in the village.

In our world, men need only web skillz and quick wit to do the same.

It's a damn good thing I live in our world.

You're welcome, Stace. I look forward to bigger pics.

Jason on Thursday · August 19 2004

j, looks good, obi wan computermaster.

stac, that is so beautiful. don't you just love it there? was the multnomah falls bridge open to walk across either time you were there? it was closed down when i went.

kelly on Thursday · August 19 2004

Hey Kelly! Yep, it is fantastic out there. I think I could do the Columbia River drive many more times before getting sick of it. There seems to be a lot of great hiking spots as well. I do want to see the Oregon coast, too. I imagine it is also breathtaking.

Yep, the bridge was open, though we didn't venture up it. I will post a picture of it this week. :)

stacy on Thursday · August 19 2004

Very very nice.
I am definitely looking for my NEXT new job out there. Fer sure.

tori on Thursday · August 19 2004

Stacy, your picture makes me miss the Pacific Northwest.
Jason, your comment makes me laugh to no end.

+mojan. on Thursday · August 19 2004

the coast is amazing. didn't get to spend enough time there though. you can actually camp and have bonfires right on the beach, something i need to do someday. next time you go to columbia river hike the gorge. it's amazing... plan to swim though. we didn't know that so we were swimming with one arm up to keep our cameras dry!

kelly on Thursday · August 19 2004
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