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Antioch sunset
August 16
I'm back! I found my cord to download pictures, installed a program to resize them, and have a new stock of them to share. I am all set. Be prepared to be bombarded with new photos.

This is from our weekend in Antioch with Jason's dad and some of his friends. It was a very relaxing weekend (which I really needed at the time). This picture is very serene and calm, but I was at war with mosquitos taking it. If I ventured from the campfire-zone, I had to fight them off my ankles, neck, arms, etc. At least the picture looks serene!

Antioch sunset

Woo! Picture bombardment!

Jason on Monday · August 16 2004


tori on Monday · August 16 2004

that looks heavenly. i need to get out camping- i haven't been once yet this year. i try to go at least once every year. we should all go. i own 2 tents etc.

looking forward to all the upcoming pics, stac!

kelly on Monday · August 16 2004

I'm so down with that, Kelly.

tori on Tuesday · August 17 2004

That's postcard-perfect. Where is Antioch, again?

+mojan. on Tuesday · August 17 2004

Antioch is literally on the Illinois/Wisconsin border a few miles west of I-94. It's a great picture, but believe me, the picture makes it look way better than it really is. I go for the company.

Jason on Tuesday · August 17 2004

Hey Stace, did you ever upload pics from our softball game? As poor as my form was, I want to show my impressionable 2 1/2 year old "nephew" that his Auntie Tori played "ball."

tori on Tuesday · August 17 2004
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