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Back porch Petunia
July 27
I really enjoyed our weekend of relaxation in Antioch. Even though we were gone for a few days, most of my flowers survived. Flowers tend to get very thirsty this time of year. Luckily, it was a relatively cool weekend. This is a striped petunia with my favorite yellow watering can.

Back porch Petunia

Next time, call me, and I can stop by to water them?!?! Goofy gal.

tori on Wednesday · July 28 2004

It seemed a little much since we were just gone over the weekend. :) Thanks for the offer!

I think I got some bad eggs (or flowers, really) this year. I have had a number of one variety die for no particular reason. I am going to try and buy from a better place next summer.

stacy on Wednesday · July 28 2004

Hm, I bet there are some pictures from your vacation just DYING to be posted up here.

tori on Thursday · August 12 2004

between this post and "oh where oh where" you crack me up, tori!!

kelly on Friday · August 13 2004

Thanks Kelly, I am glad I can amuse somebody!!

Hey world, I got a new job. My last day here is next Friday. I'm so excited. No more travel. No more frequent flier miles, but really, there is no price on having a LIFE.

Thanks for letting me post that.
Even though you didn't know you were letting me post that.

tori on Friday · August 13 2004

You always crack me up, Tori! Ever since high school.

I seem to have misplaced my cord to download pictures from my camera, so as soon as I find it you will see new vacation pictures.

Congrats on your new job, Tori. That is so great. Maybe we can see you during the week! Whee!

stacy on Friday · August 13 2004

Congrats on the new job. I think this is a great move for you. I'm interested to hear how you like the change away from the big company consulting gig.

Jason on Friday · August 13 2004

Thanks for the support, guys! I'm just trying desperately to make it through my last week of big consulting gig tasks.
Focus focus focus....

tori on Friday · August 13 2004

tori, that is soooo awesome. congrats, you deserve it. maybe we'll get to see each other more ofter :)

kelly on Friday · August 13 2004

your flowers are just wonderful, love them all, names or not lol
I'm a big fan of flower shots myself :-)

Sandra Rocha on Friday · August 27 2004
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