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Yellow flowers in the front of our condo
July 22
This morning, Pixie is in one of the moods where she tries everything to drive me crazy. Her first tactic is to eat the mail. It doesn't matter if it is a wedding invitation or junk mail; if she can get her teeth around the edge it is fair game. Next, she is in among the TV, XBox and Slimp3 in the armoire. I'm thankful she didn't wake me at 5 am by playing with my hair. I love her to death, but she is a ball of trouble with four legs.

Yellow flowers in the front of our condo

Ahhh, kitties. what can you do? at least they're not dogs.

stef on Thursday · July 22 2004

True, true. There are very cute puppies in our building. When I lean down to pet them they let me for a second, and them promptly start biting my purse or shoes. At least Pixie only eats the mail.

stacy on Thursday · July 22 2004

maybe she's trying to make going out of town easier on you... nah.

the puppies are still teething?!

kelly on Thursday · July 22 2004

Simone likes to lick the glue off envelopes. I always think of Seinfeld when she does that. Does Pixie like the glue or just the paper?

Kelly, I missed seeing you at the softball game. :(

tori on Thursday · July 22 2004

tori- your cat's name is Simone? what a cool kitty name!

stef on Thursday · July 22 2004

Thanks Stef! She is insane, but she does have a pretty name.

tori on Friday · July 23 2004
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