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White and purple flowers
July 6
Happy 4th of July! Jason and I spent a good portion of the weekend watching baseball. One game in the rain and the other roasting in the sun. We were happy to see the Cubs win one of them, but hope the rest of our games this season have a little more sun and Cubs' hits.

We didn't see fireworks, but we played croquet and ate barbeque chicken. It was my first three day weekend since the holidays. I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and spending time with Jason, the kitties, and my orchids.

White and purple flowers

I think it's your duty to start researching the type of flowers. Or at least make it up.

Jason on Wednesday · July 07 2004

Here, here!

tori on Wednesday · July 07 2004

OK, I can agree to that. For this one I need to look on my back porch...will get back to you tomorrow!

stacy on Wednesday · July 07 2004

it is tomorrow now.

tori on Thursday · July 08 2004

I think they're called Canflabidiniminumers. Or something.

Jason on Thursday · July 08 2004

Tori, we have a Friendster friend in common! Other than the Kegz family, I mean. What a coincidence!

+mojan. on Friday · July 09 2004

I can't find you on friendster?! (As always, it's painfully slow now too...)

tori on Monday · July 12 2004

This is a Phlox (a hybrid). My mom know everything! :)

stacy on Tuesday · July 13 2004
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