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Orange lily
June 28
Today gets the award for craziest Monday in memory:
  • An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 hit northern Illinois last night. It didn't wake me up. Maybe it wasn't the cat that knocked all my stuff off the dresser.
  • Our electricity decided to go crazy this morning. There were light bulbs popping, lights getting very bright (way too bright), and strange twilight zone noises on the phone line.
Maybe it wasn't an earthquake at all. Maybe it was aliens arriving in Illinois. They survive off of electricity and are currently filling up on ours. Hmmmmm. Maybe it really wasn't the cat that knocked all the stuff off of the dresser. Perhaps I have just watched a wee bit too much Star Trek TNG.

Orange lily

I woke up at 1:30 and again at 3:30 last night.
Could it have been the earthquake and an as-yet unreported aftershock?
Or could it have been my subconscious trying to tell me that I forgot to turn my alarm ON after I set it?

tori on Monday · June 28 2004

did you find out what caused all that yet?

stef on Tuesday · June 29 2004

Nope. My dad is coming by today to take a look. I tested all the outlets and fixtures last night for which ones are messed up. We have 4 working outlets, and, thankfully, one of them is behind the refrigerator. The only working lights are in the computer room and the hall bathroom. Everywhere else is either out of juice or is way way overjuiced so that you think the light bulbs are going to explode.

I hope he can help us out.

Jason on Tuesday · June 29 2004
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