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June 17
This bloom is now gone, but I have never been more excited for a plant to flower than this cymbidium. They are fairly hard to get to bloom again without a warm climate or a greenhouse. They need a lot of light and a good drop (but not too much!) in temperature at night in the fall. Both my cymbidiums are now outside soaking up the light and hopefully they will decide to bloom again next year.


I might need help. I'm starting to see these flower pics as human portrait layouts. This one looks like a man (taller and on the right) and his wife. Their kid is off screwing around in the background.

Jason on Thursday · June 17 2004

There are actually a few kids playing in the background. Actually, one is jumping on the bed so he/she is as tall as the dad (almost). I may also need help.

stacy on Thursday · June 17 2004

should i put my orchids outside for the summer too?

tori on Thursday · June 17 2004

Tori, you just have phillys, right? You don't need to put phillys outside. You probably shouldn't, actually. The types I put out are cymbidium, oncidium, cattleya, and vanda. The light lovers!

stacy on Thursday · June 17 2004
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