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Cymbidium up close
June 23
Wearing black is always tricky. Two cats who shed white hair throw a wrench into my fashion statement. OK, so I don't really have much of a fashion statement, but I do like to wear black on occasion.

This morning I used the sticky tape roller to rid my skirt (which attracts cat hair like a magnet) of a surplus of little white hairs it collected while hanging in the closet. No sooner had I finished than Rusty came to say goodbye by rubbing all over my legs and my hair-free (no longer!) skirt. Sticky tape roller, part 2. I did end up leaving the house relatively hair-free. Thank you sticky tape!

Cymbidium up close

yes, i am likewise lucky i don't wear a lot of white!

stef on Wednesday · June 23 2004

my kitty doesn' t shed much on me. she just rips my sofa up.

jason! i think there is a small bug in this site. when i click on previous dates in the calendar on top, not all of the dates that have entries > the date i click on are bolded/visible/clickable. e.g. if i click on the 15th of this month, 21 & 23 go away!
oooh debugging.

tori on Wednesday · June 23 2004

Tori, thanks for noticing that. I'm aware of this known bug, defect, or whatever. Each page of the archive pages is static HTML and isn't dynamically built. So, older pages don't know anything about the posts in the future unless I specifically rebuild them.

I need to make the calendar a PHP include so that older posts don't have to be rebuilt. The monthly PHP calendar file could have the most current schedule of posts for the month.

I think I can do this, but I'll have to play around with the Movable Type templates a bit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I like figuring these sorts of things out.

Jason on Wednesday · June 23 2004

i figured you'd like to work on it.
i love debugging.

tori on Wednesday · June 23 2004
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