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Red geranium
June 15
Although the morning started off well, little white furry mites decided to take over one of my baby orchids. They sometimes come with new plant purchases, but I haven't bought any orchids in a while. Since they are such a pain to get rid of, you can imagine my dismay in seeing them crawling all over my little philly. I will wage war on them this evening with a very foul smelling solution.

Red geranium

I like the split of red/green colors here. If you flip it sideways and blur your eyes, it has that Rothko abstract color thing going.

Jason on Tuesday · June 15 2004

ooh, i'm sorry to hear about the bugs. that's the worst. it's good that you'll rescue it though. i always wind up putting bugged plants outside and then wind up forgetting about them (ok, i have a thing about bugs- more like i avoid them, not forget about them).

you're right about it bringing rothko to mind, j. beautiful pic, stac.

kelly on Wednesday · June 16 2004

Foul doesn't begin to describe the smell of that stuff you used on the plant last night. Toxic is more like it.

Jason on Wednesday · June 16 2004

hey stac- thought you'd enjoy this pic:

kelly on Wednesday · June 16 2004

I love that Lilly picture, Kelly. Thanks for the link.

I hope I got rid of the bugs. I left the smelly solution outside because it does smell SOOO bad. I forgot how bad until I pulled it out again. Eek.

stacy on Wednesday · June 16 2004

mmmmmm chemicals....

tori on Wednesday · June 16 2004
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