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Yellow philly
June 7
When I wasn't working this weekend, I was playing poker! Didn't come out ahead, but I had a great time and learned that I need to bet more aggressively with good cards. And I won a few pots, so that was exciting in itself. I never would have figured myself to enjoy Texas Hold'em so much. When are we playing again?

Yellow philly

If orchids could have rock bands, their press kit photos would be laid out like this.

Jason on Monday · June 07 2004

Oooo, I have to add this to my list of picture requests! I am going to bring it with me to the book club, if that's okay.

alexis on Tuesday · June 08 2004

No problem, Alexis. I am happy to provide desktops full of flowers.

stacy on Wednesday · June 09 2004
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