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May 20
There were Cicadas everywhere in DC. They only come out of the ground every 17 years, so I wanted to get a shot of one. They aren't especially cute, but they are very unique. You had try not to step on them in some places and they were very loud in the trees. Some people eat them, but I preferred to just get a picture.


Would you rather eat chocolate covered pork rinds or chocolate covered cicadas?

Jason on Friday · May 21 2004

Once every 17 years, are you serious? How come we hear them so much then? I am confused.

tori on Friday · May 21 2004


13 and 17 year cycles are the common variety, I guess.

Jason on Friday · May 21 2004

Jason, it depends... what exactly IS a pork rind?

+mojan. on Sunday · May 23 2004


Pork Rinds are very popular with the Atkins diet crowd.

Jason on Monday · May 24 2004

**** shudder ****

tori on Monday · May 24 2004

Do lions and jackals get grossed out over eating zebras to the bone? I think we humans are one of the few animals that are so particular about our food parts. I'm throwing myself into the group, of course. I mean, soy milk? *** shudder ***

Jason on Monday · May 24 2004

Just because I don't want to eat dead animals doesn't mean you can't.
Besides, your little post about factory farming a few months back was one of the many signs for me that I was supposed to get veggie.

tori on Monday · May 24 2004

I shudder at the pork rinds too. I was simply asking if any animals are as picky as we civilized humans. That counts both the meat-eaters and the vegetarians.

I kinda assumed most people shudder at pork rinds, not just vegetarians.

Jason on Monday · May 24 2004

Good point.
But, do lions rip the skin off pigs and then deep-fat fry them and make them all puffy and crispy? Perhaps we SHOULD be shuddering at these man-made "edible" creations..... veggie or not.

tori on Monday · May 24 2004
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