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Korean War memorial in DC
May 31
Happy Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I am spending a good portion of mine at work. I am wearing shorts and blasting my music which helps a little.

Korean War memorial in DC

I am working today too.
I am at home wearing boxer shorts, a t-shirt, and my glasses. Sexy.
Music will be blasting shortly - Sleater-Kinney, of course. I am in love with Carrie Brownstein.

tori on Monday · May 31 2004

sorry that you two have to work today. if it helps: 1. it's muggy and alternating between sun and rain every 10 minutes here 2. i'm just running errands and fruitlessly trying to figure out why my checkbook won't balance!

-one good errand though- i'm going to circuit city to buy a game cube and mario kart- look out stac & j- next time i'll rank #7 instead of #8 ;)

tori- stacy & jason's neighbors just got 2 adorable weimaraner puppies (and i do mean adorable- not just because i have 2 weimaraners!) and they named them shadow and sleater!

kelly on Monday · May 31 2004

Sleater! Why Sleater?

tori on Monday · May 31 2004

i'm not sure- pretty funny though. maybe they meant christian slater?!

kelly on Monday · May 31 2004

tight pic!

hateless on Tuesday · June 01 2004
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