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WW2 memorial in DC
May 26
We visited the new WW2 memorial in DC. This is a picture of one side of the memorial with a wall of stars. Each star represents a day we were at war.

WW2 memorial in DC

I had no idea what the memorial even looked like. This is the first picture I've seen of it. I guess I'm more out of touch than I thought I was. Great perspective on this shot, Stacy. Thanks for bringing it to us.

Marie on Wednesday · May 26 2004

i have been wondering what it looked like too! very reminiscent of the vietnam wall- only different. question is- will the whole thing sink? (or am i slow and they changed the spot?)

stef on Wednesday · May 26 2004

Seeing this, I can't help but wonder what types of memorials could come out of the Iraq situation.

+mojan. on Wednesday · May 26 2004

If you see the whole thing, it's very unlike the Vietnam memorial. This wall with the stars was interesting, but overall, the memorial is far too large and park-like, imo. I'm not an architecture critic, but I felt it lacked the focus of the Vietnam and Korean memorials. Walking around the space you have little sense of what you are paying tribute to, other than a celebration of our 50 states and territories.

Jason on Wednesday · May 26 2004

The WW2 memorial was very big and very concrete. I liked the wall of stars the best because it did have some more meaning and focus to it. The rest felt a little overdone.

stacy on Wednesday · May 26 2004

and the sinking? you haven't addressed the sinking!

stef on Wednesday · May 26 2004

I don't know anything about the sinking. Did they build it on soft ground or something?

Jason on Wednesday · May 26 2004

The comment about what each star represents is incorrect. There are 4,000 stars, each star represents one hundred American servicemen killed.(400,000) I was there in the day and at night. It is especially beautiful at night.

Don on Tuesday · June 01 2004

Don is right. I read that as well. I watched part of the dedication service on TV this weekend. I realized that the sense of space and all that garbage is insignificant compared to what this memorial represents for the people and families involved with WW2. They were genuinely moved by the grand scale.

Jason on Tuesday · June 01 2004
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