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Rusty hiding from the scary dog
May 10
I missed my 6 o'clock train, so I decided to spend my time wisely and post! I had a great three day weekend full of horticulture: orchids, outside planters, and the online variety (Nintendo's Harvest Moon). Hope everyone had a nice Mother's day. At least the Cubs won in a long, rainy, and just plain crazy game at Wrigley.

Rusty hiding from the scary dog

too cute! i can imagine that Blackhawk can seem scary! do you ever read the comic "get fuzzy"?

kelly on Monday · May 10 2004

Blackhawk killed a opossum on the side of our building a few weeks back. Wrenched the life outta the thing. I'm scared to think what he'd do to our little Rusty. No wonder he's scared.

Jason on Monday · May 10 2004

Yes, Rusty should stay far away from Blackhawk (and he does!). No, I haven't seen the comic "get fuzzy", Kelly. About cute little fuzzy creatures?

Stacy on Tuesday · May 11 2004

"get fuzzy" is written by a guy who likes to imagine what pets would say if they could speak- it's pretty cute!

kelly on Tuesday · May 11 2004
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