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May 6
Work shouldn't be allowed on a day like this.

Chicago tulips

Unless you're working wireless off the back porch like I am.

Jason on Thursday · May 06 2004

You are a lucky one!

stacy on Thursday · May 06 2004

I leave for Costa Rica on Saturday! This is reason enough for work not to be allowed.

tori on Thursday · May 06 2004

Yay! You are going to have a fantastic time, Tori. :)

stacy on Thursday · May 06 2004

Yeah, I can't wait. Of course I am going to be frantic in Chicago before and after the trip trying to get "stuff" done before returning to San Fran, but hey. I'll be serene from all the yoga by the time I get back....... I hope. ;)

I forgot to tell you! I had a dream about orchids last night - I had an orchid that was as big as a ficus tree and I called you to ask where I should trim the stalks back when the blooms all fell off.

tori on Thursday · May 06 2004

That would be cool - an orchid as big as a ficus. i will have to work on that. :)

At least you have a day at home before you take off - that will help!

stacy on Thursday · May 06 2004
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