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April 30
As April comes to a close, I am sitting at my desk staring at the cloudy Evanston skyline. Thoughts that have been swirling around in the back of my mind overtake me for a moment. Am I sitting in the right chair? If I wasn't sitting here, where would I be sitting? Have I wasted precious time? I realize not making moves in life is oftentimes more risky than change. It is hard to start over. It is hard to leave comforting surroundings. It can also be the most memorable and exciting times of life.

Ash in bloom

maybe you should stand up. (ha ha)

stef on Friday · April 30 2004

LOL. Maybe I should!

stacy on Friday · April 30 2004

Where are you going/staying? What's happening? I received a well-intentioned kick in the ass today, but am not such a good-sported recipient today! What's the matter with stability even if it borders on indolence??? Teacher, leave us kids alone!

sue on Monday · May 03 2004
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