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Tree in flower
April 26
One of the best things about spring (besides warm weather - of course) is the flowering trees. I am constantly amazed at how many different types of flowering trees there are. I also think that I am allergic to all of them, but they still are pretty. This week I am going to try and capture a variety of them around Chicago. This one is right outside my office building in Evanston.

Genya, our Polish cleaning lady, is very sweet. Unfortunately, I can't understand most of what she says. After a 20 minute discussion this morning, I know one thing for sure. She is coming a week later next month. Other than that, she may be bringing along her sister. Her sister could have been cleaning for 30 years, and could be younger and even more energetic. I am not sure who is staying to clean or who is going home. I am not sure who has 3 kids, one of which is attending medical school. I am not sure who is still in Poland. Man, I wish I understood Polish!

Tree in flower
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