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My red beauty that bloomed again for me
April 8
Even though the Cubs lost last night, I found it very exhilarating to watch Maddux in a Cubs uniform. I have a combination of "This is going to be a fantastic year with the Cubs in the post-season!" and "The hype is too much for the Cubs to live up to" going through my head when I watch them. Guess all I can do is watch, wait and cheer.

My red beauty that bloomed again for me

Stace, you're taking such amazing flower photos! I'd like to take this one home with me, please.

+mojan. on Thursday · April 08 2004

All the rest have been Stace's shots, but this one was me! We pulled out the tripod for this series and that has made all the difference.

Jason on Thursday · April 08 2004

So much easier to get non blurry pictures with the tripod! :) Our best camera accessory purchase by far.

I have some more orchids ready to bloom - so you will be inundated with flower pictures for a while!

stacy on Thursday · April 08 2004

so, should i water mine once or twice a week? i can't remember which we said. and does it matter what time of day you water them? (silly question i'm sure...)

tori on Thursday · April 08 2004

That is just gorgeous! Breathtaking. Yes, I think I need to get a tripod too.

Marie on Friday · April 09 2004

Tori, you should water your big one around once a week....and your smaller one more like twice a week. The truly right way to do it is to learn when they need water by feel. I figure I can do that when I retire, so my larger pots get the once a week water treatment. :)

If you can, water them in the morning. Make sure you fully soak them through and there is no remaining water left in the crown of the leaves. In the morning is best because the leaves will dry before the cooler night temperatures. I also fertilize about once a week with very diluted solution. I have some fertilizer I can give you.

That was a very long answer to your question...let me know if you have any more!

stacy on Friday · April 09 2004

Yay! Thanks much. I watered the little guy last night, b/c I thought you said 2x a wk, so figured should do asap on returning home... then watered big guy this morning. Yay!
One of my blossom buds got bigger over the week. Looking forward to its blooming.

Question #3: Do you have the track list for the mix that you gave me? (Jason, thank you by the way......)

tori on Friday · April 09 2004

Find tracklist here:

And, you're most welcome. I'm glad to make another when you're ready.

Jason on Friday · April 09 2004
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