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My new Ascocenda
April 6
A big thanks to Tori and Jody for joining me at the Illinois Orchid Society's Orchid Show and Sale this weekend. I always have a blast looking at orchid displays and deciding which ones will look best in my kitchen. This one is a particular favorite.

My new Ascocenda

My heart still stops. How beautiful!
Thank YOU for inviting me. We'll see how my two little orchids are doing when I get home Thursday night....

Oh, and that mix CD? I don't think it was an MP3 version b/c there were about 19 songs on the disk. So, my car CD player isn't as magical as we'd hoped.

tori on Tuesday · April 06 2004

Yep, you are right. It is wave files. :)

Hopefully, your little ones will be bloooming their hearts out for you when you get home.

stacy on Tuesday · April 06 2004
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