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Standing under the hot air balloon
March 16
What a fantastic trip to Steamboat! Skiing with no hat and gloves, basking in the sun on the deck in the late afternoon drinking margaritas, and hot air ballooning were some highlights of the trip. Mandy and Kelly were gracious hosts. Aunt Martha and Uncle Mike served dinner as well as providing access to a hot tub for sore muscles. Tyler also shared the highlights of his successful high school football season for the Steamboat Sailors.

It was one of those refreshing vacations that last a few weeks when you return home. Ski Town USA is a fun place to visit.

Standing under the hot air balloon

this is a very nice picture, stacy.

imagine how many weekends like that you/we could have if we moved back to CO. and we could see the stars at night, too.


tori on Thursday · March 18 2004

speaking of CO,
I might be having drinks with Jon Carter next week in San Fran.
who knew?

tori on Thursday · March 18 2004

okay hi, it's me again (insomnia)

here's MY next vacation:


may 8-15. i can not wait.

tori on Thursday · March 18 2004

Tori, that trip looks amazing. I want to go too!

Stace and I were talking about your point in comment #1. It's something we're looking into if we could get all the prereqs in place. Let's talk about it over some soup soon.

Jason on Friday · March 19 2004

oh, wait, you can't leave me here in chicago, though! i just bought my place!


soup and spinach and black-eyed peas... mmm....

i'm very excited for my trip. i can't wait.

tori on Friday · March 19 2004

I don't think this is going to happen right now, but I Stace and I want to move west at some point.

Jason on Friday · March 19 2004

Me, too. I miss it.
Just not quite yet.

tori on Friday · March 19 2004

Wow, Tori, your trip looks fantastic! I need another vacation. :)

Yeah, going back to Colorado is always so nice. My family is very happy in Steamboat. Did you know it is 80 degrees in Denver today? We do need to talk over soup soon!

stacy on Friday · March 19 2004

I can't believe I didn't comment on having lunch with Jon Carter. hee hee You will have to tell me all about it! :P

stacy on Friday · March 19 2004

Okay. So everybody may come back. In the meantime, what am I to do??? Stacy, how long were you in Steamboat? I think spring skiing has dried up completely now.

sue on Monday · March 29 2004

Hi Sue! Yes, it was very, very warm. I imagine if that has kept up there will not be much skiing time left. We were in Steamboat for a long weekend - three full days. I haven't visited my family since they moved there, so thought it was about time! Need to make it back to Denver for a visit this summer. :)

stacy on Tuesday · March 30 2004

Great picture as usual!

Dan on Friday · April 02 2004
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