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My new yellow cattleya
March 2
What a nice weekend. I spent most of the day Saturday amidst acres of blooming orchids. I picked out a few to bring home, which will be the theme of my pictures this week. Even though I haven't been able to bring my pink cattleya to bloom again, I decided to pick up another one. Maybe my pink one is just lonely.

Jason and I had a date Saturday night. We headed out to dinner (Italian), relaxed with some drinks and the Poker championship in Wrigleyville, then saw The Mountain Goats show at Empty Bottle.

Sunday we did some spring-cleaning and enjoyed the Oscars with Kelly and Anneke. We all were Oscar pool winners.

My new yellow cattleya

Sounds like a lovely weekend! You were in my hood for the show, I'm jealous. I haven't been home in a while.
I miss you - we need to make plans.

tori on Wednesday · March 03 2004

Incredible show. I was blown away. We definitely need to get together soon, Tori.

Jason on Wednesday · March 03 2004

Yes we do, Tori. I think we need to go shopping soon. And you need to come over for dinner. I can't believe how busy life has been the last few months. Usually winter is pretty open.

stacy on Wednesday · March 03 2004

Did anyone notice that my wife listened to me blabber on about the Poker Championships? How great is that? I'm getting the most out of watching Chris Moneymaker fleece Sammy Tufa with a dead hand and she's interested.

Jason on Wednesday · March 03 2004

Mmmm shopping. I was just thinking this morning that I need new clothes. H&M is good but I also need some new pants that look decent at the office with boring shirts tucked into them.
I'd love to have dinner. Actually you guys should come to my place for dinner soon!
Did I tell you I've gone veggie, though?

tori on Thursday · March 04 2004

Everyone's gone veggie. Doesn't bother us a bit. Just please don't make us mushrooms stuffed with diced mushrooms. Stacy will have to eat ahead of time.

Jason on Thursday · March 04 2004

Mmmmmm...shopping and mushrooms. ;)

stacy on Thursday · March 04 2004
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