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Winter river
February 23
Jason and I started spiffing up the bathroom this weekend. We painted it yellow so now you need sunglasses if you come over and need to use it. We are toning down the brightness factor with some experimental sponge painting. And we will have a new light. When we are done we will have a "new bathroom" party. Well, maybe we will just have a party and you can see the new bathroom while you are here.

Winter river

That would be a funny reason for a party -- bathroom party :)

Val on Monday · February 23 2004

I've had a new couch party before, but I have to agree with Val. A bathroom party is stretching it.

We will be building a small sconce outside the bathroom to hold disposable sunglasses. We don't want to be liable for blinding anybody.

Jason on Monday · February 23 2004

Or, wait. Can we just have a party because Stacy finally posted a new picture? I think that's cause for celebration.

Jason on Monday · February 23 2004

I've heard of a pity party, but not a potty party....

tori on Tuesday · February 24 2004

Hooray! Eric and I are spiffing up our bathroom soon, too. I think it will be red... and NO MORE UGLY WALL PAPER (praise the Lord)!

+mojan. on Thursday · February 26 2004

Redecorating is so much fun. :)

stacy on Thursday · February 26 2004
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