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Vines awaiting spring
February 26
Eeee-gads. The people trying to buy Cubs tickets! Are we even going to be able to go this year?

Vines awaiting spring

Those vines are ugly. I want to see them when they have some flowers growing on em.

Jason on Friday · February 27 2004

Poor lonely vines waiting for some wamth so that they can grow and bloom.

stacy on Friday · February 27 2004

all day everyone in my office has been yelling their success or dismay about getting cubs tickets (online) across the room. did you guys do the orange bracelet thing?

stef on Friday · February 27 2004

may i also say i enjoy your use of "ee-gads"
you inspire me to try to work it into regular conversation...

stef on Friday · February 27 2004

I went to go do the orange bracelet thingy, but the line was around the park, so I said no thankee. We've been online all day on more computers than I'm going to admit publicly trying to get through. I think we have tix for 5 games right now including white sox, cards, and houston. Crazy demand.

Jason on Friday · February 27 2004
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