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Lion fountain
July 31
I had a perfect photo I was going to upload this morning before going to work, but I forgot. I went searching for some old ones that I uploaded but never actually posted and this one is from 2004! I was curious, so here it is.

We are leaving for San Diego for a week on Saturday for work/vacation. Charlie is very excited about Legoland (almost as excited as Jason). My dad is taking the kids while we have our work stuff so that should be fun for them too. I haven't been away from Amelia overnight yet, so I am a little anxious. That will last about 10 minutes before the freedom of no kids for a few days kicks in. What? No one needs milk RIGHT NOW? Where am I? :)

Lion fountain

Oh! I had smaller pictures in 2004.

stacy on Thursday · July 31 2008

Have a wonderful, semi-childless time in San Diego!

stef on Friday · August 01 2008

Have a great time! When you return, we'll be at our new/temporary abode!

Lisa on Friday · August 01 2008
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