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Los Angeles peacock
February 16
I thought I would start off the week with color. Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Jason and I went to Jilly's cafe in Evanston. It was our second time there and we had another quality meal. Since it was so crowded, we didn't get the same time to chat with our waiter that we did for our anniversary. Next time we go we will pick a less crowded evening because we had such a great time talking to people there. A big thank you to Jason for the wonderful mosaic vase and flower pot!

Los Angeles peacock

Are these the same vases he's posted on his site??

tori on Monday · February 16 2004

Yes! It is the vase and the flower pot. Very nice. :)

stacy on Monday · February 16 2004

Yeah, they weren't exactly a surprise or anything. I couldn't possibly not show em off for a whole week!

Jason on Monday · February 16 2004

I can't believe I've never made it to Jilly's!

+mojan. on Tuesday · February 17 2004

pretty birdy!

stef on Tuesday · February 17 2004
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