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View from our B&B in Galena with less fog
February 5
My train (the Metra) was cancelled tonight due to a pedestrian accident. I hope it wasn't serious, but it probably was if they cancelled the train all together. I have been riding Metra now for 3 years and it has never happened before.

I walked over to the el and used my Chicago card for the first time. It was pretty neat to just wave your card to get on the train. It would be even better if you didn't have to take it out of your purse (or wallet), but it certainly beats looking for exact change for the bus.

On the el, a man (with a Russian accent maybe?) was telling us all about how he believes in socialism because that is how heaven is. Then he proceeded to lay out how he was kidnapped, his memory erased, and how people are constantly watching him to make sure he behaves himself. Although it takes 20 minutes more to travel home by el, it is packed full of entertainment that the Metra just can't compete with.

View from our B&B in Galena with less fog

I doubt a Russian man would ever say that a socialism is a great thing if he lived through it.

Val on Thursday · February 05 2004

You are probably right, Val. I couldn't really place the accent, but it sounded Russian-ish. With my well trained ear, that could narrow it down to about 20 countries or so. ;)

stacy on Friday · February 06 2004
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