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Purple fog
February 3
Stacy is not feeling well, but Jason thought it was time for a new photo. He took this one in the Iowa fog a month ago. He and Stacy were standing on the front porch of the Hellman House surrounded in the purple fog.

Purple fog

Stacy, Stacy, what is wrong?
Sending you get-well vibes.

tori on Wednesday · February 04 2004

She's a sneeze machine.

Jason on Wednesday · February 04 2004

Thank you! My cold has moved from my head (sneezing/runny nose) to my throat and body. Maybe by tomorrow it will just be my feet.

Thanks to Jason for updating my picture and making my lunch yesterday. What would I do without him?

Stacy on Wednesday · February 04 2004

Stacy has been a sneeze machine as long as I can remember. She sneezed a lot, particularly in high school.
Yucky throat and body cold though. Get much rest and drink lots and lots and lots of fluids.

tori on Wednesday · February 04 2004


kara on Friday · February 06 2004
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