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Snow Tracks
January 30
My thoughts tend to be very bizarre as I walk to the train in subzero temperatures each morning.

“I wonder if my eyeballs could freeze. My eyelashes are freezing together, so it would be possible.”

“Uh-oh. My hair is frozen. If I touch it, I bet it will break off and then I would look really silly.”

“That poor guy, Buck, from Into Thin Air. The rest of his Everest expedition team chiseled ice off of his face and left him for frozen. He got up and made it back to camp eventually. He had to be colder than I am now. Unbelievable.”

Snow Tracks

Awesome pic. You continue to amaze me.

I can't wait to land tonight with sub-zero windchills. YEAH BABY!

I dreamt last night that I cut my hair off. I've had that "my hair might break" thought too!!

tori on Friday · January 30 2004

This one belongs to Jason. Between us, we aren't bad. ;)

Have a safe trip home!

Stacy on Friday · January 30 2004

Damn Jay! Rock on!

tori on Friday · January 30 2004

I clicked the button while I was slipping on the snow. Who knew? ;)

Jason on Friday · January 30 2004
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