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Goofy Lily
January 20
The funniest thing happened in jazz class tonight. For the last semester, I took the beginning class because I am a bit rusty. Tonight I tried adding the advanced class that starts immediately after my usual time. Anyway, I was hanging in there. I knew all the steps and was picking things up OK.

My teacher, who is wonderful, tells us to do a pas de bourée. I know how to do that, so I start right up with everyone else. There are a couple of different versions, and I stepped back when everyone else stepped forward. No big deal, I switched methods when I realized my mistake.

Later in the class my teacher asks, "Why do we never step back first when doing a pas de bourée?" I was thinking, "Hmmmm. I thought that was a legit way to do it." She says, "It is such a small town dance studio step! You see the little girls bouncing along. La la la." as she demonstrates with the arm movements that I have done so many times in the past.

For a minute, I felt like a little girl in dance class with my name written on the bottom of my shoes in my Mom's handwriting. Wait. My shoes still say "Stacy Fosdick" on the bottom in my Mom's handwriting.

Goofy Lily

So, you are saying that Barbara Ellis steered you wrong? Her studio was not the end-all-be-all of dance studios? The shock! The horror!


tori on Tuesday · January 20 2004

Not too wrong, since I could keep up in jazz 2! It was pretty funny though because I had done that step she was making fun of in many, many routines over the years. :)

Stacy on Wednesday · January 21 2004
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