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Spooky trees on a spooky Monday
January 26
I haven't seen the sun in a while. When I do see the sun it is approximately 10 degrees outside. Maybe the sun isn't good in winter. I miss the sun, though.

We watched Winged Migration last night. For a movie with about 10 lines of dialogue, it was very entertaining. I couldn't believe how far some birds fly. One species flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic every year, over 12,000 miles. Crazy birds.

Spooky trees on a spooky Monday

I was going to leave a semi-snotty post about how I could say hello the sun for you out here in Cali, however, I am in SAN FRAN, which is not that sunny, either. I woke up this morning to drizzle and fog.

I do now take back my mockery of Stacy's use of the word "freeway." I rented a car this week, because I'm in a training class in Redwood City, and noticed that the highway signs do in fact say "freeway." I was wrong, you are right.

I was wondering if I might meet some boyz in this training class .... looking around so far this morning and remembering that thought I have to try to stifle my laughter. I will regret having packed biz casual clothes though. Everybody is in jeans except me and my other IBM cohorts.

Tori on Tuesday · January 27 2004

You should have went "resort casual", whatever the hell that is.

Jason on Tuesday · January 27 2004

Bikini and sarong? Might work....

tori on Tuesday · January 27 2004

Yes, freeway is the way to go. I am glad to see that it is even on signs out in CA. :)

Tori, too bad there is no potential in your training class. At least you will look good with your IBM cohorts. I hope you make it home OK on Thusday, it is snowing like crazy here. Have fun at training!

Stacy on Tuesday · January 27 2004

Whenever I want to ridicule someone for using a word like 'boyz', I remember that my site is called Kegz on Eggz.

That's the thing with dumb names, once you pick em, you're totally stuck.

Jason on Tuesday · January 27 2004

- I say "boyz" precisely because men are so dumb.

- I'm not coming home till Friday (AAGGH!)

- Which are better: Red Vines or Twizzlers? OR are they the same thing?

Tori on Tuesday · January 27 2004

oh yeah? well women are dumb too. :P

Jason on Tuesday · January 27 2004

Brachs is the best, though you can't find it anymore. I like Twizzlers better than Red Vines, but they are close. I was just craving those last night! Really!

Stacy on Tuesday · January 27 2004

Hm. It's sunny and 55 in Denver today. Although I love the fog photos! Boys think women are dumb because they are projecting their own model of intelligence. Women think boyz are dumb for much the same reason, but boyz have a funny way of proving themselves to be dumb on an individual basis. Happy hunting, Tor.

sue on Thursday · January 29 2004

My mom has been careful not to rub in the beautiful weather you guys have been having. We are freezing here!

Stacy on Friday · January 30 2004

Can I rub it in? over 300 sunny days in denver?

Steve on Monday · February 02 2004
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