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Foggy lights in Galena
January 22
It was so cold this morning that my breath froze on my scarf while walking to the train.

My hair has been straight for 26 days in a row. That must be some kind of record. That is what I get for leaving my diffuser in Colorado and being too lazy to buy a new one.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Foggy lights in Galena

wow, that's an amazing pic...I didn't think it was a photo at first, it looked more like an illustration of some sort.

michael on Thursday · January 22 2004

The fog that day was very thick. With a few retakes, we were able to get some interesting effects with the fog and light.

Jason on Friday · January 23 2004

Yeah, it almost looks like a painting. The fog made a very funky effect.

Stacy on Friday · January 23 2004

Stacy, this is beautiful. And for some reason it makes me look forward to Harry Potter 3.

+mojan. on Friday · January 23 2004
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