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Beasley resting after a hard day over the holidays
January 13
Sometimes when I look in Pixie's cute furry face before I leave for work, I wish we could switch places for a day. She can worry about whether or not we are on schedule for the software release next month and attend meeting after meeting. I can have a snack, meow at the birds, take a nap, have another snack, clean Rusty's head, and meow my head off when Pixie gets home. I realize this would get boring, me not really being a cat, but it sure would be fun for a day.

Beasley resting after a hard day over the holidays

If Pixie had to go to work, she'd...
never show up for meetings when you want her to
always be heading to the vending machine for a candy bar
never stop looking out the window

I think I've worked with people of similar disposition.

Jason on Tuesday · January 13 2004

Don't forget, you'd also get to lick your butt a lot!

I wonder if that is as fun as it looks.

tori on Wednesday · January 14 2004

hmmm, i may skip that part. replace it with another nap! ;)

Stacy on Wednesday · January 14 2004
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