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Colorful statue with a Colorado blue sky
January 7
Do you have any resolutions for the new year? I haven't really come up with firm ones yet, so I guess it is time I do that. It is always good to have goals. And I refuse to have one that relates to weight or exercise. :)

Colorful statue with a Colorado blue sky

For some reason resolutions weren't on my mind at all this year! Except if I were to think of one now... umm... it would probably be to be more disciplined. Every night I say to myself, "I'm going to make a healthy dinner, read for an hour, do art for an hour, finish that project, and then be in bed by 10." Never happens. Ever.

+mojan. on Wednesday · January 07 2004

I gave up on the exercise resolutions several years ago. No point.

I've never seen you make a resolution, Stace. Funny you'd bring that up.

Jason on Wednesday · January 07 2004

How about you resolve to post more than six pictures this month?

And I resolve not to read so many blogs?

My real resolution is too personal to post up here. Something about giving up leather and spikes and blindfolds.

tori on Wednesday · January 07 2004

I second that resolution for more than 6 pictures. And go ahead and read less blogs, just keep reading mine. :)

Donate the leather and blindfolds to Salvation Army. They love that stuff.

Jason on Thursday · January 08 2004

At least I have started the year out right! :) There will be a pic today - after my meeting sometime. OK, back to work.

Stacy on Thursday · January 08 2004
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