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View of the moon after the sun sets
January 5
I am a big fan of Johnny Depp. We watched Pirates of the Carribean this weekend and I loved every minute of it. I used to watch reruns of 21 Jump Street in college. Besides Pirates, I think my favorites are Benny and June and Edward Scissorhands. Not only is he an entertaining actor, he chooses the most interesting variety of movies to star in.

Ugh. That was a terrible Broncos game last night. Bring on the Cubs!

View of the moon after the sun sets

I'm gonna make the large version of that photo my new wallpaper.

Jason on Monday · January 05 2004

I love that photo Stacy! Wow.

Not to mention that Johnny Depp is FINE.

tori on Tuesday · January 06 2004

That is a stunning photo!
love it

kara on Tuesday · January 06 2004
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