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Beasley checking out the camera
December 31
The last day of 2003! Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone has a fantastic evening. At midnight, if you look directly overhead, Saturn will be smiling on you.

Beasley checking out the camera

Beez, get outta the way.

Isn't Saturn closer tonight than in the last 30 years or something?

Jason on Wednesday · December 31 2003

It won't be closer until 2034. The rings are at a very good viewing angle as well.

Stacy on Wednesday · December 31 2003

Can we look at Saturn and have better look than we did trying to see Mars?

tori on Friday · January 02 2004

Yay, happy new year!

+mojan. on Saturday · January 03 2004

Happy New Year! I wish I had read this information before going out. That way I would be inspired by celestial forces instead of trying to convert strangers to atheism. Sorry I missed you guys in the Springs.

sue on Monday · January 05 2004
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