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Pikes Peak from Espanola
December 30
We're back from spending the Christmas holiday in the shadow of Pike's Peak. Our week was full of eating, shopping, eating, XBox gaming, even more eating, skiing, and spending time with my family. Bruce and Mom were master chefs, Lily (the Calico kitty) was always trying to get a piece of the action, Brad and Jason finished the Return of the King game, and Beasley (the Mastiff) went wherever he wanted to go. It was wonderful being home.

Pikes Peak from Espanola

Yay! A new picture! Last week was the most enjoyable time I've spent in the Springs yet. I had an excellent trip.

Beasley is my buddy.

Jason on Tuesday · December 30 2003

Gorgeous Pike's Peak pic, Stace!
Welcome home...

tori on Tuesday · December 30 2003

Beautiful! And it sounds like it was a really nice vacation.

+mojan. on Wednesday · December 31 2003
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