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Maggie, the local Ravenswood pug
December 15
OK, here's the deal. I haven't had time to breathe at work, so I have been very sporadic in my new pictures. Sorry!

There is good news, though. I will win my football pool for the first time this year! I didnít think I was going to squeak in a victory in the last 3 weeks of the season.

Jason and I had a nice weekend full of cookies, a holiday party, shopping for a new suit, and seeing both the Bears and Broncos win. Brad moved into his new house this weekend too, so congratulations to him and MJ. Happy Monday!

Maggie, the local Ravenswood pug

Oh man, how could I forget to tell everyone about my new suit. Yep, it's special. Congrats on the football pool, hon, I knew you'd win before the season was out.

You should definitely breathe at work. It helps.

Jason on Monday · December 15 2003

Very nice job on the football pool, Stace.

I am breathing at work. Kind of.

What is your schedule for Christmas week? My mommy is arriving on Monday.

tori on Tuesday · December 16 2003

I am not breathing today. I need a respirator.

Jason on Tuesday · December 16 2003

We are heading out to Colorado on Saturday for a week. I am looking forward to a change of scenery. And I won't have to go to any meetings! Yay!

Stacy on Tuesday · December 16 2003
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