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Holiday lights at Union Station in Denver
November 25
We're back! Jason and I had a wonderful time this weekend in Denver. Big thanks to Steve and Michelle for being spectacular hosts. We had lunch with my mom during a blizzard, caught up with Chris, Sue, Andrew and Stacey in Rabbie's Room, watched the Broncos and Bears game at Invesco field after a breakfast of steak and eggs, and finally wound down the trip with Elf.

Holiday lights at Union Station in Denver

and how was elf?

tori on Tuesday · November 25 2003

Hey Guys,
It was great meeting you both this past weekend. Andrew was telling me how cool your sites where so I thought I would check them out. I love your Scotland Gallery, especially the pictures at Holyrood. That is a great shot of you two in the park there. Also, it seems that the purple prickly flower is the same species as the one given to Mel Gibson in Braveheart . . . anyway. Take Care!

Stacey on Wednesday · November 26 2003

Stacey, Thanks for stopping by! We had a great time getting together with everyone on saturday. Looking forward to seeing you and Andrew around Christmas. Yep, that purple flower is a thistle, the national flower of Scotland, good call.

Tori, Elf was pretty funny. The first 2/3 were clever, but the end was hokey. I hadn't seen any of the previews so the jokes were all new to me. Michelle and Steve said they had already seen almost all the funny parts in the commercials, but they enjoyed it.

Jason on Wednesday · November 26 2003

This train station, btw, looked really cool. Without a tripod, it was difficult for us to get a steady unblurry shot, but we tried hard to bring it back for you. Denver does a great job of lighting up downtown. I was really impressed.

Jason on Wednesday · November 26 2003
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