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Cabbage-like flowers outside my office
November 18
My orchids usually bloom in the winter, which works out well because the cold and dreary months are when I need extra flowers throughout our house. This cabbage-like plant outside my office building is one of the few outside plants that havenít been killed off by the cold temperatures. I will be keeping my eye on it to see if it makes it through January. Plus it has a lot of Northwestern school spirit!

Cabbage-like flowers outside my office

I think this *is* cabbage - they have these outside the Hanover Inn year-round.

tori on Wednesday · November 19 2003

It looks like that crap they put on your plate for garnish.

Jason on Wednesday · November 19 2003

So, if I get really hungry before lunch time, I can run outside and have some cabbage as a snack! ;)

Stacy on Thursday · November 20 2003

yep, that be kale.
nope, I'm not married.

Sue on Monday · November 24 2003

Can anyone supply me with some care instructions on these beautiful flowers. I live in Cleveland, Ohio (very cold, snowy winters) and I don't want to lose them. Should they be covered? Do they need to be brought inside for winter? HELP!!!!
Thanks, Marie

Marie on Sunday · November 30 2003
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