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Benny the bull at the United Center
November 17
Music from the 80s gives me an energetic boost in the late afternoon hours. It is even more effective than coffee. When Run D.M.C. is telling me to Walk this Way, I feel much better about my To-Do list.

Benny the bull at the United Center

Psst, sweetie...it's Bennie the Bull. :)

Love his smile, though.

Jason on Monday · November 17 2003

I didn't think Billy was right, but I couldn't remember what it was. I think it is spelled Benny (because one of my pictures shows a really small section of the back of his shirt). OK, now I must fix it because Billy sounds very wrong. :)

Stacy on Monday · November 17 2003

hee hee hee!!

Where did Sue go? Is she married yet?

San Francisco is not very pretty from my cube. It's just fuzzy and brown cube walls. I bet it looks better after I leave the office?

tori on Monday · November 17 2003
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