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Sunset from the 8th floor
November 14
My office doesn't look out over the lake or to the downtown Chicago skyline. However, it does face westward where I get to see some amazing sunsets. There is something extremely nice about getting to enjoy some natural beauty when most of the day is spent looking at a computer screen in fluorescent light.

Sunset from the 8th floor

For the love of Pete -- what all have I been missing, what is Stacy doing home on a non-holiday Monday, where in the world is Tori going, why can't a girl get a cute skirt in Denver, and how come I never clued in on the lively conversations going on here??? Nice photos, Stace.

sue on Saturday · November 15 2003

Great photo, Stacy!

Hey, I just got back from Denver! I didn't know that a girl can't get a cute skirt there.

+mojan. on Sunday · November 16 2003

Suey! Welcome! How great! I love you!
Cute skirts are hard to come by everywhere.
Are you married yet?

tori on Sunday · November 16 2003

Hey Sue! Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to see you next weekend.

Hope you had a great trip out to Boulder, Mojan. We missed you at the Bulls game.

Tori is traveling (by plane!) for the first time for work to San Francisco - have a great first week!

P.S. I was just home in the morning before work on a non-holiday Monday, unfortunately.

stacy on Sunday · November 16 2003
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