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Dog statue in the British Museum
November 12
It is a short entry today. Work has swallowed most of my words, unfortunately. So, I leave you with a close-up of a Greek stone dog. Happy Wednesday!

Dog statue in the British Museum

That's probably better than a stoned greek dog.

Jason on Wednesday · November 12 2003

i bet there a lot of them stoned greek dogs though, on campuses everywhere.....

tori on Wednesday · November 12 2003

The large marble dog in the entrance to the Museum: I believe that Roman: Aemilius Paulus, conqueror of Macedonia in 167 BCE was the owner of an original bronze from which this piece was supposedly coppied. Can you please give me all available history for the dog and it's probable breed.
Macedonian mastef??
Thanks, Dan

Dan Reynolds on Saturday · February 14 2004
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