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A fountain in the beer garden of the Village Tap
November 10
Genya, our cleaning lady, was a little late this morning because the bus she takes was stuck in a lot of traffic. While I was impatiently waiting, images of our place with no Genya in the next month scared me silly. Her cleaning service is one of those things that once you start you can't easily go back. Like high speed internet access. This morning I realized how much I appreciate having her come once a month. Now I just need to learn Polish!

A fountain in the beer garden of the Village Tap

I think if you didn't label this picture, everyone could have had some fun figuring out why 3 bowling balls have plants growing around them.

Jason on Monday · November 10 2003

THERE she is!
Yeah, wow, no clue what that was till I read your caption.

tori on Monday · November 10 2003

LOL - I thought I needed a good caption for this one. It is neat looking though. :)

Stacy on Tuesday · November 11 2003
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