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Dizzying pink flowers
November 6
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find interesting photo albums? My Scotland pictures are crying out to be put in a nice plaid album so they can be admired formally.

Dizzying pink flowers

That picture makes me dizzy. I'm seeing spots.

Jason on Thursday · November 06 2003

Which is why I named it dizzying! It is almost like a strobe. :)

Stacy on Thursday · November 06 2003

www.pfile.com; search on "plaid" and you'll see a cute red one. Site looks kinda sketchy but the album is cute!
I am being sent on assignment again. Leaving a week from Monday to work in San Francisco till February. I'll be doing the classic consultant commute, of course, so home on weekends. I am mostly worried about my kitty. :( Anyone want to take her one temporarily? heh.
Also, come out to Abbey pub tonight to see my friend Ted's new band. 9 PM.

tori on Thursday · November 06 2003

Did you try Target? They have a bazillion kinds of photo albums, even suede & velvet. They may have plaid.

+mojan. on Thursday · November 06 2003

Thanks for the suggestions! I will take a look.

Stacy on Thursday · November 06 2003
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