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Lily and her froggie
November 5
There is something about being organized that makes me feel better about a project. I feel more confident about handling last minute problems when my desk is clean and my papers are in order. Since my morning was spent writing down all the thoughts floating around in my head and organizing zillions of notes, now I am ready. Bring on the issues. Load me up with ideas and requirements. Did you notice my clean desk?

Lily and her froggie

I am so the same way! Start with a totally clean desk. Get head involved with project, and clutter up desk while focused. Then, when project finished, clean desk again to prepare for the next one.

+mojan. on Wednesday · November 05 2003

If my desk is clean, people might think I don't work here.

Jason on Wednesday · November 05 2003

Desk? What desk?
I have been working on my sofa from home for the last few months.
Feet up, kitty snuggled on my legs....

tori on Wednesday · November 05 2003

I don't how you get any work done, Tori. I would be playing with the kitties all day. Let's hope my organizational efforts pay off this afternoon!

Stacy on Wednesday · November 05 2003

I don't know that I do get any work done. If the volume of my comments on your blogs indicates anything...
Good luck being productive!!!!

tori on Wednesday · November 05 2003
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