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Do you see Nessie in the water?
November 3
Trick or treating is so much fun with a 2 year old. Anna Mae was a chef and led us around Prospect Heights on her first Halloween adventure. She was an amazing success and Jason helped her organize her treats. Anna was more concerned with making sure everyone had a lollypop, but I think candy organization will come naturally.

I topped off the weekend with wedding and a day of shopping on Michigan Avenue. Tori and I decided we were compatible shopping buddies and spent half the day in H&M, which was fabulous. So, now I am decked out in my new skirt and boots and ready to face the week.

Do you see Nessie in the water?

We are definitely perfect shopping companions - despite the fact that I don't think we ever did any shopping together in high school?

I didn't get home till 1 AM last night - after meeting with friends at 6 we took in dinner and then went to see Alien - The Director's Cut. Fun stuff. I jumped a few times but then again, so did Dave.

tori on Monday · November 03 2003

Hey Stacy and Tori- what's H&M???
Just trying to figure it out...
and Tori- I meant to tell you I now have a friend out here named torey- the only other tori I've ever met- when i first went to write down her number i spelled it T-O-R-I- she corrected me with TOREY...
just thought i'd let you know that tidbit...

Kristin on Monday · November 03 2003

It's a swedish retailer that recently opened a slew of stores in the US. Stacy and Tori really liked it (judging from all the clothes they bought, hehe). No idea where the closest one is to you, but I'd bet there is one in LA. Their site is probably hm.com.

Jason on Monday · November 03 2003


H&M is all the rage in disposable fashion. Relatively inexpensive stuff that is really cute. Stacy & I bought most of our stuff in the juniors section (we are still juniors, right?). It's a Swedish chain and starting to make its way to the US. Store Locator: http://www.hm.com/us/hm/store/store_srt.jsp

tori on Monday · November 03 2003

So, H&M is all the rage in disposable fashion and IKEA is all the rage in disposable furniture. Do the Swedes make anything that you're supposed to keep for awhile? Or is everything just inexpensive and cute over there?

Jason on Monday · November 03 2003

Apparently you've got them figured out.
I am half Swedish, you know, so you better watch what you say.

tori on Monday · November 03 2003

I have many compliments on my skirt so far, so the Swedes know their clothes. :)

Stacy on Monday · November 03 2003

Wow, Sweden is so beautiful... I'd love to visit that place. And H&M is a great store, I'm a junior too! keep shopping there :D

Katrina on Wednesday · December 10 2003
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