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The San Bernardino Mountains
October 30
This is a picture I took last Christmas when I was in California with my family. My dad lives right at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains, so we decided to venture up into them along the Rim of the World highway. We stopped at Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear resorts, explored the shops, watched skiers come down the snowy hillsides, and our car even slid on a patch of ice. Now much of what we saw is a burnt wasteland. So many people have lost their homes in the wildfire that seems uncontrollable. I hope the tide turns for all of the hard working fire fighters and residents of southern California. Stay safe, Dad!

The San Bernardino Mountains

I'm keeping your dad and step mom in my thoughts .... yikes. Terrifying stuff.

Tori on Thursday · October 30 2003

This is such a gorgeous photo, Stace. Maybe the next time you go back to see your parents the mountains will be this beautiful again.

+mojan. on Thursday · October 30 2003

I don't think I've ever seen this picture, Stace. I love it. I feel like I should sing "America the Beautiful" or something.

Jason on Thursday · October 30 2003

The color of the mountains was amazing at that time of day. We stopped just so we could snap a few pictures. Quite a lovely and serene scene. :)

Stacy on Thursday · October 30 2003

Did you talk to your dad yet?

tori on Friday · October 31 2003
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