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Ella at nearly 2 days old
October 27
What is it about dentists that cause dread? Even though I rarely have much wrong with my teeth, I always cringe at the thought of going. Maybe it is because some hygienists get aggressive with sharp tools and you find yourself thinking, "Even if I flossed 5 times a day, when you poke my gums with a sharp object, I am going to bleed!" Thirty minutes and counting.

Isn't Ella the cutest thing?

Ella at nearly 2 days old

I've spent so much time in the dentist's chair, she let me use her Costco card. You don't get to know your dentist that well unless your teeth are as crappy as mine.

And Ella's already twice as old as the last time we saw her. Kids grow up so fast these days.

Jason on Monday · October 27 2003

I love my dentist, but I do believe i've already covered that topic here.

Tori on Tuesday · October 28 2003

Are you two lucky enough to have honest and competent dentists? Are they in the downtown area? Please share their names with me.

Not smiling until needed dental is done.

My-Hien on Wednesday · October 29 2003

My dentist is Rita Platt at the corner of Addison and Damen. She does a great job, not downtown though. Her office is called Healthy Smiles.

Jason on Wednesday · October 29 2003

My dentist is in Evanston (in my building actually). She does a good job, but it is on the expensive side and you have to pay them first and be reimbursed by your insurance company. I was thinking of switching to Jason's dentist because that part is annoying. And Rita is nice (I met her once in Lincoln Square) and a good dentist.

Stacy on Thursday · October 30 2003
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