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Squirrel on Leland
October 23
Big congratulations to Dan and Lisa on the birth of their baby girl, Ella. Jason and I can't wait to meet her!
This week has gone by fast. I am sitting at my desk eating cold pizza, contemplating why I decided to join a fantasy basketball league, loving my fancy new haircut, and scared to think about what the next couple of months of work will bring. Basketball?

Squirrel on Leland

I think that squirrel is contemplating if he has enough nuts stored up for winter.

Yeah I'm not sure on the basketball thing, but for all the unknowing coworkers you suck into your pools, I'd say you had it coming.

Thanks for the heads-up on the haircut. I'll notice for sure now. hehe.

Jason on Thursday · October 23 2003

Fancy new haircut?? Do tell! (And show?)

+mojan. on Friday · October 24 2003

It always seems much fancier when Pete the hairdresser blows it dry straight. Then when I wash and go curly it doesn't seem very different. Though it is shorter than usual this time. I am not brave enough to go really short. Though next time I may try streaks. :)

Stacy on Friday · October 24 2003
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